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In irregular bursts of activity, I have now listed over 500 persons with a known connection to our family tree. Since these are variously on the Groves, Bulloch, Jones and Hunter lines, with side shoots of Thompsons and Dales, it is fairly diverse, and there are lots of gaps.

The software which I am now using - Family Historian 3 - allows the information to be output as a sub-site, with individual sheets for each person.

All this information is at your disposal because you are a family member to whom I have issued an access code. If it were not so restricted, I would have to remove lots of information on living persons, and make other changes for security and privacy reasons. So please use all data responsibly.

As I said above, there are gaps, and there are doubtless mistakes. I will be delighted to hear of any additional information which can be incorporated - contact me at

To access family information with your private codes, click on the link below.